Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Close...

...just a brief update!  We are scheduled (& hoping to) break ground tomorrow!  I am waiting for the call from our Project Manager advising us....  Keep your fingers crossed!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


...so as a new blog about building a Ryan Home I just wanted to catch up what has already transpired and then I'll be ready to keep updates current going forward!

First, a little about me!  I am an Interior Designer in the Cleveland, OH area.  I, along with my business partner, have a Studio and Furniture/Accessory store in the City of Cleveland.  Until just a week ago I lived just around the corner from the Studio in a contemporary three story townhouse.

In mid-August we decided that we wanted to move away from the city and started looking at new construction on the west side of Cleveland.  Our last place I bought new just four years ago...and I really like having new.  My previous houses had all been fixer-uppers and, as much as I like doing the work, was not ready to tackle again!  So here we were...trying to stay in the same price range, looking for new construction, and wanting a reasonable size yard...we stumbled on Meadow Lakes in North Ridgeville, OH.  Everything was right but what about the lot?  Well, as it turned out, some lots are larger (at a premium of course) but available nonetheless!  So we bit the bullet, signed a Purchase Agreement mid-Oct and got the last of the available larger lots (with woods behind)!  Our lot is 58' X 206' so just over 1/4 acre....we are thrilled!
Yep, we've got dirt!

So...here we were...mid-August....signing a purchase agreement without even having our current home on the market yet!  So there was a bit of scrambling to get it ready and up for sale!  Fortunately, we signed the listing agreement on a Sunday...it hit the MLS on Wednesday and on Saturday we had an offer!  It took a bit of negotiating but finally reached an agreement and it finally closed and transferred on October 15th...  Of course we had a contingency agreement with Ryan and finally were able to satisfy everything with them on the 15th which then released us to be put on the schedule!  Our pre-construction (road map) meeting is this coming Monday and we are scheduled to break ground on Wednesday the 27th...I am QUITE anxious!

I've gotta say that EVERYONE at Ryan has been absolutely terrific to work with and accomodating!  We did have to meet all the deadlines as everyone else did...we've just had extra time before our build could begin!  Here is a brief rundown of what we are building and some of the options we added:

  • Florence - Elevation B - reversed 04 model - no Morning Room - no Finished Basement
  • We added the usual 42" cabinets Sonoma Maple Spice in the kitchen (the 04 model comes with the cabinet over the refrigerator!)
  • No island in the kitchen - I want to add something more unique and interesting as an island than the optional island...
  • I did not add the microwave over the stove, instead I added a dedicated circuit in the pantry for a portable microwave.  My plan is to remove the std exhaust hood and cabinet above it, and replace with a contemporary stainless steel hood surrounded by glass tile
  • We did add a garage drain, a three piece rough-in for a bath in the basement (but under the kitchen instead of the standard location), changed the owners bath std tub to a 5' shower, double sinks/vanities
  • Beacuase of my business, I get crazy about lighting sooooo...I added the five recessed lights in the kitchen, recessed lights in place of the fixtures in the foyer, outside the powder room and in place of the fixtures in the hall outside the bedrooms.  We added a recessed fixture over the shower in the owners bath and ceiling fans in the bedrooms, loft and family room.  Added a fixture above the (future) island, in the front living/dining room and a switched outlet above the kitchen cabinets - to add undercabinet lighting later.  They wanted $500 for the undercabinet lighting which was way more than I was willing to spend!
  • No Fireplace - I just didn't like the options - but did run a gas line to the back wall between the two windows in the family room for a future fireplace.  We also added two windows on the side wall of the family room - I crave natural light!
  • Exterior wise - Khaki Siding/Almond Trim/Brown Shutters/ Plum Front Door and Stone on the front as well...  This was a big expense but I have high hopes!!!
That's about it so far!  We are excited beyond belief and I can't wait for everything this week!  Hopefully I'll have pics to post of our house under construction soon!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

On our way....

....yes, we too are building a Ryan Home!  I, too, am a little late in starting my blog but I hope to get everything caught up soon!  I have read (over and over again) everyone's blog and they were all so very helpful that I am hoping that I can add some insight that will be useful for other people!  Tomorrow I should get pictures as well as a big update posted...  We have not broken ground yet....next week!  I look forward to posting soon!!